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Coach Reid Hall

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5 Time National Champion

Honours Degree in Kinesiology and Health Science

Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach


Tried everything to increase your vertical and add some serious velocity behind your attack but nothing’s worked? Well…


Hey, Coach Reid Hall Here,

So I know this may sound unbelievable, but I have helped 1000’s of volleyball players add over 6 inches+ to their verticals and some serious power behind their attack. I am an elite strength and conditioning coach that has helped players ranging from the beginner up to the highest tiered volleyball players in the world.


Reid Hall – Former Team Canada Beach Volleyball Athlete


“I have been training with Reid now for approximately three years. Reid has provided me (and my brothers) with amazing workout programs that have helped me to not only become a stronger athlete physically but also mentally. I love the workouts. They are really fun and easy to follow. Thanks to Reid, I can jump higher, move faster and am especially more confident with myself!”

Chloe Deemers

U15 athlete at Halton Hurricanes


“I have been using Reid’s Workouts programs while playing professional in the Extraliga in the Czech Republic. After only a few weeks I was noticing a huge boost in my power. I was swinging at angles that I couldn’t before. The programs are laid out so it is easy to follow. The warm up and post workout routines have definitely helped with keeping my body healthy. I highly recommend VolleyJump to any volleyball player that wants to take the game seriously.”

Daniel Maciel

Pro Leagues:
French League A
Brazillian Superliga A
Czech Republic Extraliga


“I contacted Reid because several of my volleyball buddies have been using his program and were saying great things. I used his programs to prepare for tryouts for the Canadian Full Time Training Centre. It was really important how I did at physical testing because I am a shorter volleyball player. I ended up crushing physical testing. I am addicted to these workouts and look forward to the next phase of training.”

Jacob White

OCAA Player of the Year

Here’s My Story:

I was the classic undersized, physically weak volleyball player that had big dreams.


When I was 17 years old (check out the pic to the right), I was 5’11 and weighed 160lbs. Believe it or not, but I finished 4th place in the U18 Beach Volleyball World Championships representing Canada with my partner Adam Podstawka. In the semi-final match we played against Polish Volleyball Super Stars, Michal Kubiak and Zigniew Bartman.


Me before I got serious

It was pretty hilarious to see the difference in our hitting warm up compared to theirs. I was going up there and rolling balls high line and hitting crisp cut shots. The truth is my vertical was minimal and I struggled putting away a ball. They were going up there and bouncing balls into the stands…

So did we beat them? Nope, we lost 21-17 and 24-22. There was no doubt in my mind that we were as skilled as they were. But the difference was they were 10X more physical. They overwhelmed our small block, and dug my weak cross court shot.


This Was A Wake Up Call For Me

How on earth am I going to make it to the next level without gaining 8+ inches on my vertical and becoming much more physical? I was hungry and motivated. But had zero direction. I was going for long runs, doing plyometrics, and practicing 5+ times a week. What was the result? I was still weak but now my knees also killed me. I had developed Patello-Femoral Syndrome (Jumpers Knees).

Well, that was a waste of my time and energy!! So what I was doing was obviously not working.

This Is When I Met A Strength Coach That Gave Me Direction

The first change the coach made was getting me to stop going for long runs! Volleyball is already a high impact sport.

I thought that I needed to run and jump more in order to move faster and jump higher. Was I ever wrong about that.

My training took a complete 180 degree turn. I replaced long runs with working on my mobility. And replaced plyometric training with strength training.

There were a few primary lifts that I really focused on. Each week I was making small increases in weight. Within 6 weeks I was already noticing that I was not only jumping higher but I was getting off the ground faster. My body was starting to develop lean muscle mass. Which I loved because it would show the hard work I was putting in.

This was only 6 weeks into training and we had not done any plyometric training yet. As I continued gaining strength, my coach started adding plyometrics and speed work into my training. The plyometrics not only helped me become a powerful jumper. But also helped improve my jumping mechanics.


Me (left) with my partner being interviewed by TSN’s Rod Smith after winning gold (Canada Games)

Fast forward two years later and I am a completely different physical beast. I have added well over 8+ inches on my vertical.

We won Canada Games, and I made the National Team getting to travel and play the sport that I loved.

If It Was Not For Strength Training I Would Have Never Made The National Team

This is part of the reason I am so passionate about strength, conditioning, and movement training.

Guess what? You can add 8+ inches to your vertical, reduce your chances of getting injured, and become the volleyball player you never thought possible.


Here Is The Sad Part: Most Volleyball Players Are Not Reaching Their Full Potential – You Are Not Alone!

It doesn’t matter how much natural talent you were born with… to reach your full potential, you must train with purpose. What you need is a tried, tested, and true, step-by-step program that will ensure your hard work doesn’t go to waste. Then you will be jumping higher, hitting harder, and defending better – plain and simple.

Without a solid system, you will always fall short of being your best.


The Internet Is Polluted With Nonsense About Ways To Improve Your Vertical

There is no QUICK fix to make BIG TIME improvements on your vertical.

However with hard work, razor sharp focus, and direction… making massive vertical improvements is only a few months away.

For the past 5 years I have created online workout programs (Reid’s Workouts) for athletes ranging from 14 years old all the way up to the best players in the world. I have designed the training templates for over 15 different Universities/College volleyball teams.

The results have been substantial….


Here’s The Good News…

You can train like a high performance volleyball athlete but at a fraction of the cost of hiring a personal trainer or purchasing a customized workout program.




Volley Jump is a completely digital product, there is no shipping, everything is online access


Take a Guided Tour of the VolleyJump Members Area…


This Is Your Easy To Use Online Training Platform That Is Going To Make You A Whole New Physical Beast

Joining VolleyJump gets you access to all of my private video content. This used to be only available for my private clients, universities, and pro level teams.

There are over 300 videos of volleyball specific exercises.

The video platform is organized into categories:

  • HIT HARDER… Upper Body Strength Exercises (44 exercise tutorials)
  • JUMP HIGHER… Lower Body Strength Training Exercises (35 exercise tutorials)
  • VOLLEYBALL ABS… Core Exercises (33 exercise tutorials)
  • SPEED and PLYOMETRICS… volleyball specific speed and plyometric exercises (41 exercise tutorials)
  • WARM UP Exercises… the best pre- workout/practice/game exercises to keep your body healthy and ready to dominate (35 exercise tutorials)
  • MOBILITY/STRETCHING Routines.. (28 exercise tutorials)
  • MYOFASCIAL RELEASE– Foam Rolling and Soft Tissue Exercises… (15 exercise tutorials)
  • Videos of REIDS WORKOUTS ATHLETES working out in his live training sessions (22 videos)


Volley Jump is a completely digital product, there is no shipping, everything is online access


Here’s The Best Part

Along with my video libraries, you will get access to a variety of workout programs.

There are beginner, intermediate, and advanced level workout programs. The programs accommodate athletes ranging from 14 years old all the way up to the highest tiered athletes.

These are the same workout programs that my online clients have been making substantial improvements with. But instead of paying hundreds of dollars each month, you will be paying a small fraction of that.

You will have a ton of programs to choose from. It is simple to find a program for your training level, goals, schedule, and injury profile.

With each program is an explanation of the difficulty of the program, what time of the year it is best to be performed (in-season/out of season), and what results you should expect. Additionally, I have personally taken the time to organize these programs into progressive stages, meaning each month you will have new program to keep you improving.

Here are Examples of some of the Various Workout programs you can choose from:

Off-season: Phase 1 – Beginner (3 days/week)
Off-season: Phase 1 & 2 – Intermediate (4 days/ week)
Off-season: Phase 1 & 2 – Advanced (5 days/ week)
In-season: Strength & Recovery program (2 days/week)
In-season: Phase 1 through 3 – Beginner (3 days/week)
At-home: No Equipment Required program
At-home: Minimal Equipment Required program (elastic bands, stability ball, & light dumbbells)
Pre-Workout: Warm Up templates
Post-Workout: Cool Down templates
Recovery programs
Conditioning Routines
Plyometric Routines
Speed & Agility Routines

Each program includes the following:

  1. Area to track and record your results
  2. Notes on the technical cues to focus on with each exercise
  3. Video demo of each exercise

Every single month I add new programs, videos, and resources so that you are continually progressing.

It is simple to find the right program for you!

And you will not believe this, but for the next 3 days you can get access to Volley Jump for only $1!

Here’s What You Get:


Volley Jump is a completely digital product, there is no shipping, everything is online access

Volleyball Specific Nutrition

When you join VolleyJump, you also get access to detailed nutrition templates.

We all know that you need to fuel your body properly in order to receive big-time improvements.


The nutrition templates makes it super simple to know what to eat, at what times, and in what quantities. We take the guess work out of the equation.

Here are some of the many things the nutrition templates will help you improve on:

have a healthier fat mass to muscle mass ratio

reduce length of time that it takes you to feel 100% after a hard practice, workout, or match

compete at a high intensity for longer and recover faster between rallies


Multiple meal and snack options scheduled into your daily routine…

Understand amount of calories and nutrient breakdown for optimal recovery and body composition…

Know what supplements you should be taking and at what times…

Know when and how often you should be eating…

Know what to eat before, during, and after your workouts…

You can get access to all of this RIGHT NOW!

Why are we doing this for so cheap? The truth is that I am extremely passionate about making my tried and true volleyball-specific strength training programs more accessible to athletes all over the globe.


Disclaimer: Consult a physician before you begin, and follow all safety instructions. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the potential of this training program. Results are not typical, and only represent players who worked extremely hard. Of course, no guarantee can be made for every single player.