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Coach Reid Hall

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→ Former National Team Athlete
→ Strength & Conditioning Coach 

→ Honours Degree in Kinesiology
& Health Science


VolleyJump is a membership website that helps Beginner to Elite Level Volleyball Players get stronger and move faster. VolleyJump contains a variety of workout programs (In Season, Off Season, At Home, Post Workout Routines, and Recovery Routines) that range from beginner to the elite level. VolleyJump workout programs focus on both injury prevention and performance enhancement.

Whether you are a beginner or elite level volleyball player VolleyJump has a program for you…


Volley Jump is a membership website that helps Beginner to Elite Level Volleyball Players get stronger and move better. Volley Jump contains a variety of workout programs (In Season, Off Season, At Home, Post Workout Routines, and Recovery Routines) that range from beginner to the elite level. VolleyJump workout programs focus on both injury prevention and performance enhancement.

Whether you are a beginner or elite level volleyball player VolleyJump has a program for you…

Why You Can Trust VolleyJump

Hey, my name is Reid Hall, I am the creator of VolleyJump and for the past 5 years I have created workout programs (Reid’s Workouts) for volleyball players at all levels. I have created the training templates for over 15 different Universities, multiple different Youth Volleyball Clubs, and many of the Top Volleyball Pros.

The results have been amazing! There have been 100’s of volleyball players that have added over 6+ inches on their spike touch, are moving way faster, and putting away balls that they never thought possible.

You now have the opportunity to access these world class programs!



“We have had so much trouble getting our athletes to buy into strength and conditioning. All the athletes wanted to do ‘their own thing’. This all changed once we got on Reid’s Workouts. The athletes workout program became their bible. They had 100% belief in Reid’s programming. The truth is in the physical testing results. Our athletes crushed their base-line testing results after their off-season training. We ended up winning the OCCAA championships and Reid was a big piece to the puzzle.”

– Nathan Groenveld (Head Coach – Niagara College Men’s Volleyball)


“I have been training with Reid now for approximately three years. Reid has provided me (and my brothers) with amazing workout programs that have helped me to not only become a stronger athlete physically but also mentally. I love the workouts. They are really fun and easy to follow. Thanks to Reid, I can jump higher, move faster and am especially more confident with myself!”

Chloe Deemers

U15 athlete at Halton Hurricanes


“I have been using Reid’s Workouts programs while playing professional in the Extraliga in the Czech Republic. After only a few weeks I was noticing a huge boost in my power. I was swinging at angles that I couldn’t before. The programs are laid out so it is easy to follow. The warm up and post workout routines have definitely helped with keeping my body healthy. I highly recommend VolleyJump to any volleyball player that wants to take the game seriously.”


Daniel Maciel

Pro Leagues:
French League A
Brazillian Superliga A
Czech Republic Extraliga


“I contacted Reid because several of my volleyball buddies have been using his program and were saying great things. I used his programs to prepare for tryouts for the Canadian Full Time Training Centre. It was really important how I did at physical testing because I am a shorter volleyball player. I ended up crushing physical testing. I am addicted to these workouts and look forward to the next phase of training.”

Jacob White

OCAA Player of the Year

Become A Stronger, More Powerful Volleyball Player

Volleyball players at all levels need to focus on getting stronger. Strength is your foundation. The stronger you are relative to your body weight the greater potential you have to increase your vertical, speed, and power behind your attack.

Volleyball players need to be powerful for short bursts and then recover between points.



Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research

“The results of this study suggest that performing a minimum of 3 weeks of either complex or compound training is effective for improving vertical jump height and power output; thus, coaches should choose the program which best suits their training schedules.”

Click Here To Read Full Study…

For you to get stronger you need to focus on making small consistent improvements with your exercises. These small improvements in the long run is what adds up to huge vertical and speed improvements.

The VolleyJump program adds structure to your training that leads you on a path towards success. This saves you time and is also much safer than GUESSING what you should be doing.

Think to yourself… if you had an easy to follow template that is going to help you make massive improvements on your vertical, attacking powering, and foot speed would you follow it? Or are you going to continue GUESSING what you should be doing?

The VolleyJump programs lays everything out for you so it is super easy to follow…









Workout Programs Range From Beginner to Elite Level

In VolleyJump you will have access to programs that range from the beginner level all the way up to elite level. It is easy to find a program that is the right fit for you. The programs are categorized into beginner, intermediate, and elite level sections…

With each program is an explanation of the difficulty of the program, what time of the year it is best to be performed (in-season/out of season), and what results you should expect.



volleyjump-beginner1-who-benefits-336x200These programs focus on gaining strength through foundation movement patterns. There are multiple phases that build off of each program and progresses a beginner athlete so they can make some huge improvements. The programs are a nice blend between mobility work, strength training, and speed and plyometric exercises.

The exercises are safe! The athlete will become a lot more technically efficient with their jumping technique, speed and change of direction movements, and also develop strength to help protect their body from injuries.



volleyjump-intermediate1-who-benefits-336x200Most 16 to 21 year old volleyball players and older athletes with less experience would fit into this category. Most exercises have multiple variations that range in difficulty to better match the training level of the athlete.

The strength, speed, and plyometric exercises range from foundation movements to more complex variations. There is no doubt about it, these programs produce big-time results.



volleyjump-advanced1-who-benefits-336x200These programs are perfect for healthy and physically fit university athlete and pros. These programs help take the fit
and healthy volleyball player to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

The programs are a nice balance of strength training, conditioning, speed and plyometric exercises. The major lifts in the program are complex movements like Front Squats, Back Squats, Deadlifting Variaions, and Olympic Lifts.

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VolleyJump Phases

The VolleyJump workout programs are organized into multiple 4-week phases that help you progress at an appropriate speed so that you can safely make big time improvements.


At the end of the first phase you will notice the following:


Massive Increase in Strength to Body Weight Ratio


Joints Articulate & Function With Increased Fluidity


Muscles Activate on Command


Lean Muscle Mass Development

The focus of a phase 1 program is gaining strength and improving your movement patterns. In this phase you are essentially developing a foundation so that you can safely make big-time improvements. The exercises are challenging but are mechanically simple movements so that you will increase your strength with very little injury risk.


At the end of the second phase you will notice the following:


Ability to Get Off the Ground Faster


Increased Spike & Block Touch


Faster First Step


Improved Body Composition

After completing four weeks of a phase 1 program you will be ready to take your training to the next level. The focus in phase 2 is to continue increasing your strength however there is also a greater focus on developing your speed and power. There is an increase in plyometric exercises and speed and agility training.

After completing phase 1 your vertical and attacking power will have improved by simply getting stronger relative to your body weight. In phase 2 these improvements really start to accelerate.

By increasing your fast twitch explosive exercises will help really convert those strength improvements from phase 1 into functional power.


At the end of the third phase you will notice the following:


Jumping Higher & More Athletically

arm swing

More Powerful Arm Swing


Remain Powerful For a Longer Time


Improved Recovery Between Points


Major Increase In Foot Speed

After completing four weeks of phase 2 you will once again be ready to take your training to the next level. In phase 3 there is still a strength focus but once again there is an increase in explosive exercises. You will notice that you are not only jumping higher but also more athletically.

Your plyometric exercises not only help you increase power output but also help you become more technically efficient with your jumping mechanics. By jumping more technically you will reduce jumping related injuries and also touch higher.

There is an increased conditioning focus as well. Volleyball players need to powerful for short bursts and then recover well between points. You will find that if you are required to jump 3 or more times in a rally, you will be able to max jump each time and then be fully charged and ready for the next point.

Play For Longer Periods Of Time And Avoid Injury

Volleyball is a high impact sport which places a ton of stress on the ankles, knees, hips, back, and shoulders. Every volleyball practice is a bad plyometric workout.

If you do not properly take care of your body you will end up on the side-lines nursing an injury.

VolleyJump has a major injury preventative focus. On top of getting access to the Top Volleyball Specific Workout Programs, you will also have access to the following:


Detailed Warm Up Routines


Recovery Programs


Post Workout/Practice Stretching/Mobility Routines


Detailed Nutrition Guides

Become A Fluid Volleyball Player With Comprehensive Warm Up Routines

VolleyJump contains a ton of different warm up routines. Without warming up properly before a workout, practice, or a match you SUBSTANTIALLY increase your chances of getting injured.


Official Journal Of The American College Of Sports Medicine

“It is also evident that strength training, conditioning, and warm-up have an important role in injury prevention, and we suggest that when stretching is done, it should be conducted in the context of adequate conditioning and appropriate warm up.”

Click here to read the full study…

These warm up routines are a blend of Dynamic Stretching, Muscle Activation, and Volleyball Specific Movement Preparation. At the end of the warm up you will feel fully prepared to jump, attack a ball, or do a workout.

You will have access to the following warm up routines:


Pre-Practice Warm up Routines


Pre-Match Warm up Routines


Pre-Workout Warm up Routines


Pre-Practice Warm up Routines

Pre-Match Warm up Routines

Pre-Workout Warm up Routines

Recover Faster. Become A More Dynamic Volleyball Player

The recovery routine is made up of 25 exercises that take you through your entire body. The routine starts with your foot and ankle joint, and works all the way up through your body.

Here’s a list of the common volleyball injuries your workout program and recovery routine will help you prevent:

check-mark-md-45x45Patella Tendinitis (jumpers knee)

check-mark-md-45x45Shoulder Impingements

check-mark-md-45x45Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy

check-mark-md-45x45Patella Tendinitis

check-mark-md-45x45Back Injuries

check-mark-md-45x45Ankle Sprains

check-mark-md-45x45Hip Impingements

check-mark-md-45x45Shin Splints


Foam Rolling

Reduce muscular adhesions SO THAT you can restore suppleness to your muscles


Hard Ball Tissue Massaging

Reduce the tightness of the fascia that surrounds your muscles SO THAT you are not overly tight or restricted


Dynamic Mobility Work

Improve how your joints function and articulate SO THAT you do not compensate when performing various volleyball movements


Static Stretching

Reduce hamstring tightness and lower back discomfort SO THAT you can sit in a healthier passing and defensive posture

Eat Like A Pro With A Guided Nutrition Plan

The Volleyball Nutritional Guide focuses on what to eat, how to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat for optimal performance. Volleyball players need to view themselves as elite level athletes. Elite level athletes need to make elite level decisions in order to get the most out of their bodies. An athlete with a bad diet is like owning an expensive car and giving it the lowest grade fuel.



Multiple meal and snack options scheduled into your daily routine


Meal Sizes

Understand amount of calories and nutrient breakdown for optimal recovery and body composition



Know what supplements you should be taking and at what times


Meal Frequency

Know when and how often you should be eating


Pre, Intra, & Post Workout Nutrition

Know what to eat before, during, and after your workouts

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Program Categories

Joining VolleyJump gets you access to all of my private video content. This used to be only available for my private clients, universities, and pro level teams. There are over 300 videos of volleyball specific exercises.

• HIT HARDER… Upper Body Strength Exercises (44 exercise tutorials)
• JUMP HIGHER… Lower Body Strength Training Exercises (35 exercise tutorials)
• VOLLEYBALL ABS… Core Exercises (33 exercise tutorials)
• SPEED and PLYOMETRICS… volleyball specific speed and plyometric exercises (41
exercise tutorials)
• WARM UP Exercises… the best pre- workout/practice/game exercises to keep your
body healthy and ready to dominate (35 exercise tutorials)
• MOBILITY/STRETCHING Routines.. (28 exercise tutorials)
• MYOFASCIAL RELEASE– Foam Rolling and Soft Tissue Exercises… (15 exercise
• Videos of REIDS WORKOUTS ATHLETES working out in his live training sessions (22


To recap, here is what you are going to get:

check-mark-md-45x45Off-season: Phase 1 – Beginner (3 days/week)
check-mark-md-45x45Off-season: Phase 1 & 2 – Intermediate (4 days/ week)
check-mark-md-45x45Off-season: Phase 1 & 2 – Advanced (5 days/ week)
check-mark-md-45x45In-season: Strength & Recovery program (2 days/week)
check-mark-md-45x45In-season: Phase 1 through 3 – Beginner (3 days/week)
check-mark-md-45x45At-home: No Equipment Required program
check-mark-md-45x45At-home: Minimal Equipment Required program (elastic bands, stability ball, & light dumbbells)
check-mark-md-45x45Pre-Workout: Warm Up templates
check-mark-md-45x45Post-Workout: Cool Down templates
check-mark-md-45x45Recovery programs
check-mark-md-45x45Conditioning Routines
check-mark-md-45x45Plyometric Routines!
check-mark-md-45x45AND MUCH MORE…

Each Program Includes The Following:


Every single month I add new programs, videos, and resources so that you are continually progressing.

It is simple to find the right program for you!

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Why are we doing this for so cheap? The truth is that I am extremely passionate about making my tried and true volleyball-specific strength training programs more accessible to athletes all over the globe.


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